Virtual Assistance

Specializing in Promotional Products and Providing Professional Administrative, Technical and Creative Assistance Remotely.

Benefits of From The Desktop Virtual Assistance


  • We know the industry. No Training. No Learning Curve
  • No Searching for the right person.
  • No worries about where we will sit or what computer we will use, we bring our own chairs and technology to the table
  • You won't need to find things to keep us busy. We only work when you need us and are only charged for the time we spend
  • We work on an 'as needed' basis and are independent. No employee benefits. No employment taxes. No sick leave.


We can help you with . . 


Industry Art

  •  Pre-Production Art Proofs
  •  Virtual Samples

Production Management

  •  Follow up with Suppliers to verify receipt of order and ship dates
  • Keep up on where your orders are in the process
  •  Secure tracking and arrival dates

A/P & A/R

  • Enter Supplier Bills
  • Run Profit Reports
  • Invoice Clients
  • Monthly Statements


"Amanda and her staff are wonderful to work with. The streamline process and attention to details is fantastic. Most important her services allows me to spend time developing on growing my business. "

John Amrein, Owner of Eagleview Promotions



"My company is experiencing some nice growth lately and I found that I needed some additional help. I considered increasing payroll by hiring someone, but wasn't sure if this was a temporary need or a long term one. Rather than drive my overhead costs up, I decided out outsource to a Virtual Assistant and found the perfect match. From the Desktop is exclusive to the Promotinal Products industry and lead by a well-respected veteran who provides unbelivable customer service to me and my clients!"

Bob Levitt, Owner of The Bob Levitt Company