"Amanda has been instrumental in helping our business understand best practices for using Quickbooks as promotional products distributor. Plus she is a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend Amanda to any distributor looking to get the most out of Quickbooks for their business." 

Jenna Banks, Owner Brand Spirit


"Amanda did an amazing job of helping me get up & running on Quickbooks! Everything is working like a charm & it's because of Amanda's expertise!"

Bethany Kearns, Owner 2.3 Graphics



"Amanda has given us a good start at remaking our QuickBooks system. We made the mistake of consulting with our CPA office first. We are now on track, with Amanda."

Bill Frysinger, Owner Frysinger Printing Solutions



"Amanda has been able to help me get my accounting software Quickbooks up and running better than before. We were able to correct some of the basic errors I was committing on my own through an intervention program of training and support.

I would highly recommend Amanda for the task of helping someone understand more about Quickbooks."

Allan Gaskamp, Owner IDtags Group



"I have been working with Amanda since 2011 and have come to rely on her advice as an invaluable part of my business. I have worked with QuickBooks for 8 years and never knew I could work this well with it. Her background as a distributor, her extensive experience with QuickBooks, the way she thinks and operates, and her ability to think outside the box, all raise our level of thinking about issues every time we talk. No seminar or community college could train us for the real world experience that we get when working with Amanda. If you are a small, one or two person shop, you will more than pay for her expertise in just a month or so, with all the short cuts and new information you will gain about your business. If you are a large firm, you will gain even more. Sign up NOW and  start having more time to sell and be more informed about your business."

David Gephart, MAS, CEO Gephart Marketing Solutions, LLC



"Amanda helped BAG-IT drastically streamline our order processing, payables processing and invoicing by teaching us how to effectively use the systems within QuickBooks that we could not figure out on our own. She has the ability to dig into computer programs and decipher computer language into simple step by step processes. The fact that we are both serving the same market did not restrain her enthusiasm in assisting a fellow/competing business owner. She truly changed the way we record our business transactions."

Jim Hayes, MAS, Vice President BAG-IT, Inc