‘From The Desktop’ - remotely providing professional administrative, technical, and creative assistance.


Small business veteran and promotional products distributor Amanda Corey, MAS believes that administrative tasks originate from the desktop. And now her aptly named company “From The Desktop” delivers back office assistance and peace of mind.


Your Desktop Team


Amanda Corey, Las Vegas, Nevada

Owner, Efficiency Expert, Quickbooks Certified. Bookkeeper, Consultant, Trainer.



Jenine Flora, Southern California

Production Management



Trena Sessions, Las Vegas, Nevada

Production Management




"I have been a Desktop Girl for 2 years and I love it. It gives me the freedom to be a Mom and If I have appointments or if something comes up I can get up and go. Also, I get to work from home which is amazing, its hard to find a legit work from home job."


Laura Heinz, Las Vegas, Nevada

QuickBooks Order Assistance & Production Mangement




"What I like most about what I do is how it allows me to be a full-time parent at home while working around my own schedule.  Raising my kids at home with me is a top priority to me and my husband and this allows me to have the time with them while working from home part-time.  It’s great that’s my schedule is not set and flexible enough to go to the park, or run errands while getting some work done during naptime and throughout the day.  This is the perfect position for a mom that wants something on the side for herself while not having to commit to a full-time position!"


Kaitlin Sawyer, Pennsylvania

Production Management & Art Assistance